November 2017

ITC Issues Recommended Remedies in Section 201 Solar Trade Case

The ITC released a set of recommendations on the solar trade case that will go to President Trump for final consideration. Two commissioners proposed a 30% tariff ad valorem tariff on imported crystalline silicon PV modules, to decline by 5 percentage points per year over four years. Another commissioner proposed a stricter tariff, while the fourth proposed a more lenient rate. Read the full article here.

GroundWork Welcomes Lord Toliao to the Team

GroundWork is pleased to announce the addition of Lord Toliao as Business Development Director! Lord brings over 16 years of experience in sales and management in the renewable energy and electrical power industries to GroundWork. The team is excited for his extensive experience in the industry to contribute to our mission of accelerating the adoption of renewable energy through high quality MET data.

September 2017

Global Solar Growth Significantly Outpaces Nuclear

The 2017 World Nuclear Industry Status Report reports a global nuclear power increase of 1.4% in generating capacity additions, as compared to overall solar growth of 30% and wind growth of 16% in 2016. Read the article here.

GroundWork is Featured in SEIA’s Profiles in American Solar Manufacturing

GroundWork is taking action to save American solar jobs by having our corporate profile included in SEIA’s first edition of Profiles in American Solar Manufacturing.

“The ITC should reject the Suniva trade case as it threatens to isolate the US solar industry. This is already creating uncertainty and risk which subsequently slows investment, growth and hiring” said Ann Gaglioti, CEO of GroundWork.

GroundWork Team

August 2017

U.S. Energy Information Administration Quantifies Effect of Eclipse on Solar Plants

On August 21st, a solar eclipse will cast a shadow across about 1,900 utility-scale solar PV power plants in the United States. These plants are capable of generating more than 20,000 megawatts of energy at peak generation, and nearly all will lose at least some of their sunlight for several hours through the course of the day. Read the full article here


California Goes All In – 100% Renewable Energy By 2045

California’s Senate President Kevin de León (D) submitted a plan to set limits on California’s electrical grid hydrocarbon consumption and ramp up renewable energy consumption. The plan sets a goal of 60% renewable energy production within California’s electricity grid by 2030 and 100% production by 2045. Read the full article here.

July 2017

GroundWork Partner Clean Power Research Announces Updated SolarAnywhere User Interface

GroundWork’s partner for satellite MET data, Clean Power Research, released an update to SolarAnywhere® that will improve how our clients access and manage solar data in support of project financing and performance benchmarking. This new platform streamlines the process of pinpointing project locations, editing data request settings, and downloading irradiance and weather data.

June 2017

Global Renewable Energy Has Another Record-Breaking Year

The Renewable Energy Policy Network for the 21st Century (REN21) released the 2017 Renewables Global Status Report, revealing yet another record-breaking year for renewable energy world-wide. Read the full report here.

May 2017

Renewable energy sources set a new record in California, serving 42% of total demand on May 16.

CAISO hit a new renewable energy record this week, with wind, solar, hydro and other renewables serving nearly 42% of electricity demand on May 16. Furthermore, during peak renewables production over the 2 p.m. hour, renewables supplied nearly 72% of total demand. See the CAISO report here.

US utility-scale solar saw 72% annual growth over past 5 years

As of December 2016, the US Energy Information Administration reported that the US had over 21.5 GW of utility-scale solar in operation, more than half of which came online in the past two years.  Utility-scale solar has been the fastest growing power generation technology in the US over the past five years, expanding at an average of 72% per year. Read the full article here.